Peter Gabriel's solo discography is finally coming to Spotify

Peter Gabriel’s solo discography is finally coming to Spotify

The music he’s created as the frontman of Genesis has long been available on Spotify, though for reasons unknown, Peter Gabriel’s solo work has so far been unavailable on the streaming platform.

Now, amidst talks of a full Genesis reunion, Gabriel’s solo discography is being made available on Spotify and all is great in the world.

Finally, Peter Gabriel’s huge solo discography is available on Spotify. Could this be a sign of that rumoured Genesis reunion?

Starting Friday May 18th, Gabriel’s first four self-titled albums, So, Us, Up, plus the compilation albums Shaking The Tree and Hit, will all be made available on Spotify.

It’s the start of a monthly roll-out of releases which will include the soundtrack albums, the orchestral / song-swap albums, live albums and B-sides and remixes all being made available,” Gabriel’s website writes.

This comes just a few short months after multiple members of Genesis said they’d be open to a reunion, with Tony Banks saying “it’d be fun to try,” and Phil Collins saying he “wouldn’t rule it out.”

So we’ll be keeping our hopes up for that, but for now, enjoy the newly available Peter Gabriel discography on Spotify.

Via Pitchfork.