‘Phasmophobia’ anniversary update includes a sorely needed journal overhaul

A year later, Phasmophobia is celebrating its success with a journal overhaul and the spookiness of a single-player mode.

On the 19th of September 2020, Kinetic Games released its early-access, seriously scary ghost-hunting co-op Phasmophobia on Steam. At least, it was the most terrifying shit I’d had the pleasure of playing in a long while. Right beside my bravest friend, I was shocked when she turned tail and screamed upon seeing the image of a ghostly baby hunting her down at surprising speeds.

Now just a few days over one year later, the game remains one of the highest rated on Steam itself. Its immense success means continuous updates have been rolled out and Phasmophobia’s anniversary date is no exception. In fact, it’s a complete celebration, considering “you can party in the main menu area” with funky music and plenty of balloons to throw or kick at your friends.

phasmophobia journal interface
Image: Kinetic Games / Phasmophobia

In addition to the techno beats in the menu is something far more interesting in regards to actual Phasmophobia gameplay: a Journal Overhaul. Complete with a crisp new design, players can now throw out dedicating it all to memory and “cross off evidence” as they go. I can’t tell you how helpful this is, given my own goldfish memory. Better yet, the “pause menu is now integrated into the journal” and you can use it to “change all settings”.

Other additions include the new single-player offline mode for those of you who are courageous enough to give that a whirl. Personally? I’d prefer screaming into my microphone with a fellow scaredy cat at my side.

Some of the less frightening Phasmophobia changes are the VR mute button now switched to the pause button for all controllers – plus the controller vibrates to alert you when you’ve toggled it. Instead of 10 measly bucks when failing a contract, you’ll also get paid insurance money instead (depending on the level difficulty) and when you do fail, you see what the ghost type was.

Upping the difficulty a tad, Ghost Orbs move around periodically in the ghost room too. It’s not major, but it’s nice to have some variation. As for being dead yourself, you won’t be able to see the D.O.T.S projector ghost anymore, so wish your friends good luck on that note.

Future updates are still planned for the game, including Halloween. You can read the anniversary’s full patch notes here.

Phasmophobia is available on Steam in early access now.