‘Phasmophobia’: the new co-op horror game you need to know about

Ever wanted to become Ghost Busters with three of your friends? Phasmophobia is your ticket into a game night-ready psychological nightmare.

Phasmophobia. You’ve either heard of it, or at the very least, you’re going to hear about it soon. After all, this is the brand new casual game that’s about to take the world by storm. 2020 is truly the year of casual party games. With Fall Guys and Among Us leading this new trend in online gaming, here’s our shout out to the next in line.

Phasmophobia is more than just a nightmare on a spelling test. It’s also a co-op ghost hunting experience that’s taken a wonderful spin on the horror genre. Reaching over 200K subscribers on Twitch, it’s not surprise that this has become the new game streamers have got on their radars.


The gameplay is deceptively simple: you team up with your friends and go ghost hunting. This means recording evidence and tracking it down – without getting yourself killed, of course. Each ghost type has different interactions to the various tools the game provides you.

We strongly recommend that you experiment and play this game blind – meaning no looking at guides – in order to preserve the spooky gameplay experience.

In a sense, Phasmophobia is sort of like Pokémon but a whole lot scarier. Rather than beefing up your Pokédex and battling your virtual creatures, you’ll be collecting data on spooky spirits whilst fighting your own nerves. Ghosts respond to your voices, which makes the game pretty damn immersive.

As you’ll find out soon, there’s a fine line between being a daredevil spirit hunter and a suicidal maniac.

Not to mention, this game is always getting updates. New content usually means new maps, ghosts, and items, with each new feature building a brand new set of interactions. For example, Kinetic Games has considered allowing dead players to communicate with living ones via the Spirit Box items, or having a PvP mode featuring players as these lethal spirits.

We can’t help but welcome this new generation in horror games . Taking a step beyond freakish landscapes and hellish battles, Phasmophobia hits our fears with something a lot more homely.

The game is available on Steam for $19.95. Oh and for the horror junkies, did we mention that the game supports VR?