Phoenix: Liberté, Egalité, Phoenix!, The Right Brain Workout and more – Happy’s Weekend Reading

The freshest five books on the list for this weekend include the life story of a band from indie rock royalty, Phoenix: Liberté, Egalité, Phoenix!, as well as a creative reboot in the form of The Right-brain Workout.

The Future of Another Timeline is Annalee Newitz’s science-fiction stunner, native plants are rendered in rare beauty in Nikulinsky Unfolded: Xanthorrhoea and the new novel from Kevin Wilson, Nothing to See Here also makes an appearance. Let’s get into the selection.


Phoenix: Liberté, Egalité, Phoenix!, The Right-brain Workout, The Future of Another Timeline, Nikulinsky Unfolded: Xanthorrhoea and Nothing to See Here are on the list weekend.

Phoenix: Liberté, Egalité, Phoenix! by Phoenix

From the release of their debut album 20 years ago, Phoenix has concocted a unique blend of electronica and indie rock to garner a dedicated, worldwide fan base. This book encapsulates their history, told from a personal perspective. Via RizzoliPhoenix Book

The Right-brain Workout by Russel Howcroft and Alex Wadelton

Who better to help dust off the creative cobwebs than a pair of advertising geniuses? Russel Howcroft and Alex Wadelton take you through a series of challenging questions, designed to help switch on that crucially creative right-brain hemisphere. More at Penguin. The Right-brain Workout

The Future of Another Timeline by Annalee Newitz

This strikingly original new science-fiction work depicts a feminine-led resistance that spans the centuries from riot grrls to suffragettes, confronting a secret group whose mission is to destroy women’s rights. More information at HachetteThe Future of Another Timeline

Nikulinsky Unfolded: Xanthorrhoea by Philippa Nikulinsky

This utterly unique collection of paintings presented on a continuous piece of Japanese kozo paper visually chronicles the life-cycle of the grass tree. This spellbinding volume unfurls into an epic artwork, stretching to a length of four metres. For more, visit Fremantle PressNikulinsky Unfolded

Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

Long-term friends Madison and Lillian have quite the conundrum on their hands. Madison enlists Lillian to care for her stepkids, the only problem is that when these children get hot under the collar, they spontaneously combust. More details at TextNothing to See Here