Peter Dinklage used to be a musician? Meet Whizzy, his punk fusion act from the ’90s

The cast of Game of Thrones have hit the world stage in a major, major way since the show skyrocketed. You’d think their past lives would have been totally eclipsed by their newfound fame at this point… but remember nothing disappears in the digital age.

For some time, diehard fans have known that Peter Dinklage (who plays Tyrion Lannister) used to front a punk/rap/funk fusion band called Whizzy, an act which haunted the New York underground back in the 90s.

peter dinklage whizzy game of thrones tyrion lannister
All photos: Getty Images

From stage to screen: check out photos of Whizzy, the New York fusion act fronted by Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage in the 90s.

New (well, newly emerged) photos show Whizzy in their prime, playing a series of sweaty shows sometime around 1994. It’s the 90s all right, judging from the recklessly kitsch garb all around and that flashed-out, film camera glow.

Dinklage fronted the band and also played the cornet. A man of many talents indeed.

Via NME.