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Pilgrim Age enter new sonic territories on Liar

Comprised of Matt Portelli, Adam Gardner and Liam Whittaker, Pilgrim Age are an energy-driven and exciting rock trio who revel in performing for audiences around Melbourne.

This week, the rockers proved their relentless energy and songwriting skills with the unveiling of their new single Liar.

By the end of the three-and-a-half-minute track, listeners end up at a completely different destination from the song’s beginning, proving the band’s ability to craft highly detailed stories through their songwriting.

Developing as bandmates over many years, experiencing and overcoming a range of losses and hardships, has allowed Pilgrim Age’s music to grow as an exploration and reflection of what it is to be human. These intense expressions are evident in this new track. Matt Portelli, the lead singer and songwriter of the band, said of the upcoming single: “Liar ​is a song about poor communication between people, and the emotions that rise to the surface in those situations.

However, Pilgrim Age are clearly more than just good songwriters. The shared musical and life experiences of the trio culminated into making the band an extremely tight-knit group who boast unique musicianship and technique.

Liar is driven by saturated guitar, melodies, and clear-cut percussion, creating a dark, brooding and groovy energy. This energy creates a strong sense of momentum, building up to striking isolated vocals at the song’s conclusion. Liar is definitely a track that would get a live crowd going and must be equally fun for the band to play.

The new single is available across all music platforms now, with a launch event on Saturday, May 11th at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar. More info on that here.

As Pilgrim Age continue to make a name for themselves in the Australian rock scene, they truly are a band you cannot miss.


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May 7, 2019