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Pioneer DJ’s new transparent CDJ and mixer a clear choice

Pioneer has created a transparent version of their flagship Nexus CDJ and Mixer in conjunction with designer and DJ Virgil Abloh.

The new models were created to be displayed at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art for an exhibition titled ‘Figures of Speech’.Pioneer DJ Transparent

Pioneer DJ has revealed a clear new collaboration with designer/DJ Virgil Abloh to produce a transparent CDJ & Mixer for an exhibition titled ‘Figures of Speech’.

Pioneer states that “Abloh’s desire to bridge the gap between music, fashion and the creative arts supports Pioneer DJ’s drive to explore the deep connection music can make and the harmony it inspires.” 

Abloh, who’s resume includes Kanye West’s Creative Director, teased the new release on his Instagram last month, before using the new models for his own DJ set. Abloh himself calls the see-through version of Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2, ‘skeleton’ models, and with the exposed wiring and circuitry it’s easy to see why.

“As a means to give a new look and feel to the industry standard of the CDJ and DJM I aimed to design a see-thru and non-labeled rendition of the classic models to inspire a different sound while DJing. And perhaps a new way for music technology and human interaction to equal a different result,” states Abloh.

Pioneer DJ’s new models were created specifically for Abloh and at this stage aren’t available to customers, however, they are viewable at Virgil Abloh’s Figures of Speech exhibition, which runs from June 10th to September 22nd.

For more information on the Pioneer DJ’s collaboration with Virgil Abloh, head over to Pioneer’s DJ’s website or check out the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art page.