Watch one second from every Game Of Thrones episode, start to finish

With eight years and eight seasons of Game Of Thrones wrapping up this week, it’s no surprise dedicated fans are starting to react with the sadness at the fantasy series’ closure.

There are a total of 73 episodes sprawled over 75 hours and to save you from going back through them all, video producer Andy Kelly has saved the day and created a video that mashes up one-second clips from every episode of Game Of Thrones.

Photo: HBO

The clips chosen by Kelly are not always the most famous, but instead, represent scenes in each Game of Thrones episode that have long-lasting effects.

The clip showcases plenty of evocative moments in the series, from wildfire explosions to Joffery’s death, fans can reflect on the show in a quick one-minute and 23-seconds. Whilst the season finale provoked some mixed responses, this gives non-viewers a step up to form a connection with the show that only long-time fans once had.

Check it out for yourself below: