Explore the contradictions that make up Neil Young

Some artists are easy to slap labels on. Not so for Neil Young. The man has been cited as an influence for a multitude artists and movements over the decades. But who is he? Country boy, godfather of grunge and somehow always on the cutting edge.

Few have embraced paradoxical artistic statements like Neil Young. His trailblazing path from folk hero to rock icon is documented in a new video.

In the video, the contradictions that defined the Young’s career have been laid out before us. The comparisons with other luminaries like Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and David Bowie are especially telling.

What sets Young apart is his ability to combine all of his separate identities at every point in his career. Albums that are separated by decades seem to be in perfect alignment, as if his career is on a different timeline from reality.

Check out the video below: