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Playwrite – Lady Oracle

Melbourne musical children Playwrite are similar to other bands in the way that they write, and they play. It’s a basic formula for making music. Jordan, Patrick, Caity, Scott, and Sonny don’t just make any old sound though, their music represents the essential value of Australian music at its best.

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Inhabiting that musical space between JJJcore and folksy indie, Melbournites Playwrite are currently shacked up at The Evelyn Hotel for a June residency!

Some might remember Cacophony Society who hailed from Melbourne circa 2009. For three years now Playwrite are the reincarnation, rather ghostly and replacement band that came to life after people found it hard to spell ‘cacophony’.

This time around, the band is focusing on the drum rhythms and distinct guitar and keyboard lines that were not just providing a base for the brass section, a revived sound for a fresh band. The band collectively describe them as a wall of haunting sound*. The wild bunch seems to find it imperative that they perform gigs at the Evelyn hotel on the regular and with rave and great gig reviews it’s a good thing they do.

It’s also said that each band member loves the other, what a cute five-some.

Playwrite are made up of a few sub-genres: power-pop, folk-pop, symphonic-rock and indie-rock, but collectively, the band’s sound comes together to essentially create their own brand of genre, which ends up sounding quite similar to other Australian bands around at the moment.

Lady Oracle is layered with tropical beats and hypnotic drum strums. With a strong vocal collaboration and a solid rhythm section throughout this song they sound quite similar to fellow Australian tropical guitar band, The Holidays. The band’s songs feature pounding drums and are usually coupled with chanting lyrics.

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The collective are similar to elements of other Australian bands – Collarbones and Alpine certainly come to mind when listening to their latest single Lady Oracle. Interestingly enough, the band draw influence from Sufjan Stevens, TV on the Radio, The National and The Beach Boys, and this beautiful confluence might describe their varied sound. It’s is big, strong, and solid, like a champion body builder with a tropical lei floating around their neck.

Apparently this mix is pretty well-liked by pretty much everyone in their shared Aus-indie bracket. Playwrite have played alongside Wild Beats, Half Moon Run, Angus & Julia Stone, Young MagicWillowbeats, Townhouses, Rat & Co and many others.

Playwrite have some exciting gigs planned for July and August as well as a larger release later this year, especially if you’re in Melbourne this month. The band are scheduled to play on the 16th, 23rd and the 30th of June at their local, The Evelyn in Fitzroy. Be sure not to miss this opportunity to see one of Melbourne’s locals perform.

*I think we in editorial just got spooked



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