Pluto Tango is bringing reggae back the right way with his new EP ‘Banana Harvest’

Banana Harvest is the new sun-soaked selection of groovy tunes from Pluto Tango that are guaranteed to make you move.

Pluto Tango, born Loui Battour, is good vibes personified. Everything he creates he does to celebrate life with good friends and good music.

The singer-songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist has been honing his craft for years, gigging non-stop and perfecting the art of loops and electronic production. 

pluto tango banana harvest

Pluto Tango is undeniably passionate about music and enjoys experimenting with it in a playful nature across a number of different styles. Banana Harvest certainly leans heavily towards Reggae but has its special Pluto Tango twist.

The EP features classically stylistic themes across a lot of the instrumentation and rhythm but you’ll also hear flourishes that flaunt Pluto’s production skills.

The first track on the EP is called Morning Light and is all about that loving feeling.

When Pluto sings, it’s almost like you can hear the smile on his face as he speaks about the willingness to let love in.

The title track Banana Harvest is Pluto’s enchanting ode to picking bananas from his backyard. The singer sounds almost infatuated with the process as he marvels over nature’s gifts.

Rapture of the Deep takes a slight stylistic turn with a very electronic introduction. The song details Pluto’s fear of the ocean and how he overcame it by learning to scuba dive and the intro for the track is a very literal representation of that as you hear what sounds like bubbles popping in your ears.

To close the EP out, Drink the Rain starts with these sound effects that take you out of this world, giving major synthy, 80s sci-fi vibes. Eventually, the reggae beat comes back through with the familiar brass that’s heard throughout the EP. Drink the Rain is about picking yourself up when you’re feeling down.

“Sometimes I go outside just to drink the rain, sometimes I go outside just to ease my pain” Pluto Tango sings.

Overall, Banana Harvest will leave you feeling better than how it found you. If you’re looking for something to smile to, this is the EP for you.

Listen to Banana Harvest below.