Pornhub views took a huge tumble as Eurovision pleased the masses

During the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, Pornhub Insights reported a steep decline in their regular viewership.

During large events, Pornhub likes to monitor their site visitation with increased attention. Turns out, some things really are bigger than porn.

During Eurovision’s final song contest on 22 May, viewers boycotted the popular adult site to indulge in some fantastical delights from musicians across Europe.

eurovision-2021-winners-maneskin-italy pornhub viewers
Image: Eurovisionworld

Pornhub Insights noticed a 7-11% decrease in their average viewership from the competing countries.

As Italy claimed victory for the first time in 30 years by way of rock band Måneskin and their song Zitti e Buoni, Pornhub viewership reached its lowest, 17% below average.

However, other sources mentioned that the Italian stallions were “4% hornier than usual” before the finale aired and promptly switched back to Pornhub before the 2021 Eurovision winner was crowned. Could this be whittled down to nervous anticipation, or cause for an early celebration?

Unlike Italy, the majority of countries continued to tune into Eurovision, eager to see who would reign supreme. The event accumulated a global audience of 183 million people, an increase of one million from Eurovision’s 2019 contest.

The top three least horny countries with the highest decrease in Pornhub viewership included Malta (-34%), Iceland (-30%) and Lithuania (-22%).

Image: Pornhub Insights

This drop in Pornhub viewings was no surprise, as similar incidents have occurred during major events, including the 2020 US Election and the 2017 Mayweather and McGregor fight. To be fair, both events followed months of anticipation and speculation regarding who would win.

Incredible what deters the human mind from it’s innate, animalistic desires.

Whether it was their tight leather ensemble or their sheer musical talent, Italy whisked audiences away with their captivating performance, securing 318 points from the public.

Lead singer, Damiano David from Måneskin mentioned during their acceptance speech that “rock and roll never dies”, stating that their win is a reflection of Eurovision as a “musical contest” not a “cheesy contest”.

The win from Italy comes as a cause for celebration, particularly amidst the incredible losses they have suffered at the hands of the COVID-19 pandemic.