Global protests calling for Pornhub to be shut down are happening today

Demonstrations are set to occur across London, Los Angeles, and Montreal today (October 2nd), calling for an end to Pornhub.

Global protests have been organised in Los Angeles, Montreal, and London today (October 2nd), calling for an end to Pornhub. The Traffickinghub-organised events follow on from a two million-strong petition to have the site completely shut down, due to allegations of trafficking and assault. The petition is still in operation and has reportedly been signed by people from over 192 countries, listing a number of disturbing cases of trafficking, exploitation, and rape all connected to the site.

“This global movement to hold Pornhub accountable for complicity in mass child abuse and trafficking is for anyone and everyone who cares about the safety of children and the most vulnerable in our society,” campaign founder Laila Mickelwait told press. “It is time to take a stand together, raise our collective voices, and shut it down.” 


The news of these protests follows on from the recent arrest of an alleged Alabaman sex trafficker. The individual was reportedly caught selling footage of himself sexually assaulting a child, all while operating under a scheme that entitled Pornhub to 35 per cent of all profits made from the video.

The #Traffickinghub campaign began making headlines after starting a now-viral petition to shut down the site, following allegations of complacency and profiteering from videos of sexual trafficking and assault. The organisation was created with the aim “to hold the largest porn website in the world accountable for enabling and profiting off of the mass sex trafficking, rape and exploitation of women and minors.”

Each protest will each be socially-distanced according to the regulations of each respective country.

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