PREMIERE: Agouti’s debut album Nodes is a psychedelic journey of personal growth

San Fransisco psych outfit Agouti’s debut album Nodes is a triumphant ode to 70’s hard rock—rooted in themes of grief and power in self.

Drawing on the sensibilities of Pink Floyd and Tame Impala, Agouti’s sound colours big walls of synth with rhythmic bass and wicked psych-rock guitars. Built around frontwoman Carmen Caruso’s light melodies and cathartic vocal stylings, Nodes is a rich and dynamic story of growth.

Agouti’s debut album Nodes tells a story of grief in a really rare way. In all, it’s a catharsis—a stunning and honest dive into 70s psych rock.

Nodes grapples with extreme hardship. Coping with the successive deaths of a close friend and four grandparents, and the trauma of sexual assault and sexual harassment, Carmen began the project in a life-affirming stride. She built her own studio, crafted a number of instruments by hand, and began producing a unique brand of psych rock.

The process of creating Nodes became a healing experience for Carmen. The honesty and sense of catharsis poured into the lyrics are a theme through which the psych sensibilities are built. It’s a dynamic way to take on something so raw, and it’s done seamlessly. Carmen says she hopes the album will help other people coping with grief.

You can listen to Nodes above.