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PREMIERE: Step into the long summer with Albert Salt’s intriguing new clip Glass Plains

Not just in their aesthetic but in the deep production, Albert Salt have chosen the perfect way to visually capture their sound in the clip for Glass Plains.

The clip opens simply, with a lot of reference to Holy Holy’s recent album Paint and their accompanying project Paint To Paint. This idea that music and art can walk hand in hand is one which has been tossed around for as long as anyone can remember.

The video opens on a perspex screen in a busy city centre, which then becomes the canvas for the clip to come. At first the men behind the canvas appear to just be curious bystanders, however as the video goes on you begin to understand that they are indeed part of the narrative. The artist paints over the faces to create this abstract work of art, perfectly complimenting subtle transitions within the song itself.

albert salt glass plains

Albert Salt have never failed to remain an interesting and intriguing act, and their latest video Glass Plains is as captivating as we’ve come to expect.

Glass Plains is one of those tracks which hides small nuggets of goodness, with each listen of the song revealing something different. This sentiment is extended into the clip itself, as what appear to be meaningless lines come to form their own image. The backdrop changes each time, transitioning from our urban park scene onto the basketball court, then to the streets of Melbourne.

Just when you thought you weren’t going to see the face of the artist, the audience is pleasantly surprised. Salt’s bearded face makes its way into the final scenes, and as the song builds we are taken on a skateboarding journey throughout suburbia.

The clip for Glass Plains is an homage to the brilliance of the inner city, mateship and time spent outside with friends. If you’re looking for a mellow and refreshing new band for these long summer days to come, then Albert Salt is your ticket.


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November 28, 2017