PREMIERE: Indulge in the electro-pop spheres of Ash Schuberg’s two new singles

Immerse yourself in the ambient electro-pop sounds of Ash Schuberg with her two new tracks, The Creator and Diamonds For You.

The Creator opens with a subdued, mysterious keyboard riff before a steady, hypnotic beat comes in and ricochets into the background. This track is brimming with experimentation, as Schuberg sings about mental health issues and the intoxicating power that comes with being a creator.

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The Creator and Diamonds For You by Ash Schuberg are delightfully experimental explorations into dense electrospheres, as Schuberg explores mental health issues, the intoxicating power of being a creator and devotion.

Just as we think the song is about to close with a series of melodic fragments that glitch in and out of the foreground, it goes back to the main melody, and fades out with the eerie line “this is a terrible state I’m in.”

Diamonds For You is a “track to fall in love to,” according to the artist. This one is slower and has more of an R&B vibe, opening with gentle electronic soundscapes and haunting, high-pitched female vocals floating in the background.

A slow beat comes in before Schuberg’s vocals consume the song and she paints a sultry scene of exploration as she sings about putting on her best face for her lover and staying devoted to them after all they’ve been through.

The Creator and Diamonds For You are the first two tracks off of Schuberg’s Rebuilding Eden EP that is set to be released early next year. Schuberg was first compelled to start writing songs earlier this year due to personal struggles:

“It’s funny how I’ve always wanted to write music but I guess I never really had anything to write about. It’s weird, this year has brought about so much growth and experience to bring me to life as a songwriter.”

The songs off Rebuilding Eden will also be her first body of work that she has produced herself, applying what she learned from having worked with various producers.

Musically, Schuberg has diverse and varied interests, citing 90’s-Kylie Minogue, Kate Bush, and even a touch of Australian electro-R&B artist Kucka as influences.

And all for the better. Schuberg seamlessly melds these styles together to create tightly-structured songs with delectable experimental twists and turns, both lyrically and melodically.