PREMIERE: Baby Beef share captivating new video for 'Cruising 4 Barns'

PREMIERE: Baby Beef share captivating new video for ‘Cruising 4 Barns’

Sydney art-pop duo, Baby Beef unveil a heavenly new single, Cruising 4 Barns along with a colourful, cinematic music video.

Baby Beef has blessed our ears with a heavenly new hit, Cruising 4 Barns, and an equally-mesmerising music video to accompany it, in collaboration with Freyja Fox, Eliya Cohen, Lisa Tea and Maddison Costello.

Cruising 4 Barns is a heartfelt tribute to the duo’s late friend, Rikky. In the lead-up to the music video release, Baby Beef shared the following via Instagram: “Don’t really know how to begin to promote a song about losing someone you love so much because really it’s a song that I wish didn’t have to exist. It’s a beautiful song for a beautiful human and releasing it is a big scary thing to do.”

Credit: Freya Benjamin

They continued, “I’m hoping that it provides great catharsis but who can say? If I’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that grief does not have a schedule. Forever cruising 4 barns love you Rikky.” Watch the cinematic and evocative new music video for Cruising 4 Barns below.

Stream Cruising 4 Barns via Spotify today.