PREMIERE: Benedict finds clarity within ethereal soundscapes on ‘Warzone’

Love, loss, and growth. Whether we are aware of it or not, these are the qualities that underpin the vast majority of our lives. Without loss, we cannot fully appreciate love, and from both of these experiences, we find ourselves continually growing into the best versions of ourselves. On her latest single, Benedict casts these undercurrents aside gracious soundscapes.

WarzoneΒ explores exactly what its name suggests, the battlefield of our relationships. Laden with a sirenic melody, rich beats, and influences that will transport you back to the ’80s golden age, Benedict’s latest release is a track that holds substance through overwhelming beauty.

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With unmistakable clarity, Benedict navigates the intricate mess of our relationships amongst glistening soundscapes, coming to rest in a haven of self-love and affirmation.

A childhood immersed in music and songwriting, the Melbourne-based singer has certainly never been short of inspiration. Her latest release is the stunning, ethereal conclusion. Blending robust melodies with a richly celestial vocal quality that Kate Bush herself would be proud of,Β WarzoneΒ is a triumph of production. Sonically, the track floats, it feels light but holds weight through its pulsating beats. This weight becomes the perfect gateway for Benedict’s introspective lyricism.

Through gorgeous tones, the songwriter explores every nuance that can arise from the relationships we experience throughout our lives. Through her explorations, Benedict admits that some of our connections will bring more pain than pleasure, in the same way that a visual artist would explore such concepts: subtly expressing agony in captivating strokes. But ultimately, the track armours itself in the value of self-worth through lush beats.

β€œMy single ‘Warzone’ is about many different relationships we have over time,” the songwriter explains. “Relationships with partners, friendships, family, government, religion. Learning the paradigms of these things and how they can change very quickly from positive to negative. Trusting and loving when you only receive narcissism and gaslighting in return. Some relationships are warzones that can break us down mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”


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“It is about the loneliness and pain that you take on then healing from past hurts and breathing your truth. As each human is unique and special it is about stepping out and trusting your heart and your goodness and fighting for your life. To me, the most important thing is to become stronger and be your true self no matter what the consequences and live in your full truth as well as love others for their differences and unique selves.”

On top of this, the singer has also released an equally formidable, iPhone-shot music video for the track. The visuals speak directly to the narrative Benedict unfolds through her single.

β€œThe story created for the clip is to reflect the lyrics of the song,” she explains. “I wanted it to connect to an audience in an emotive way. To represent many people who go through personal suffering and what feels to be the darkest moment. We are human! We all do, but, it ends with breakthrough and self – love. Complete triumph and light. There is always hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.”

With the same sonic command and sensitivity held by the industry’s greats, Benedict’s latest release just proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Check outΒ WarzoneΒ below: