Child Ivory reveals stunning music video for Rhetoric

PREMIERE: Blissful normality gives way to overwhelming mundanity in Child Ivory’s Rhetoric

US-based duo Child Ivory have just released a seriously great music video to accompany single, Rhetoric: a cool combination of dream pop and electronica, with driving drums, twinkling synths and a ringing guitar reminiscent of Beach House or M83.

As comfort gives way to mundanity, the term rhetoric never felt more relevant as in the new video from Utah-based, Child Ivory.

Child Ivory call Utah home, but the clip is set in Taiwan. Following our female protagonist, her life seems ordinary but fun: days spent working, running and socialising with friends look bright and cheerful.

A captivating introduction to both the city and and its culture, you can’t tear your eyes away from the screen for the colours, fashion, transport and food.

But as the narrative develops, it seems that for all the friends and excitable activities in her life, the swirling and never-changing plateau of existence becomes overwhelmingly mundane.

The city, her friends and her relationships move quickly around her and her own mind slows and becomes disconnected.

With his last music video Afterglow taking on similar dark and cinematic themes, it was no surprise when Child Ivory delivered in brooding and contemplative narrative for a follow-up production.

With a few live shows coming up in Utah, Rhetoric is sure to pack much of a punch on stage as it does in this clip. The track itself is bold, with drums that stick in your head and lyrical intent that is felt throughout: frustration and growing tension isn’t lost.

Directed by Child Ivory’s Caleb Darger, the clip is beautiful, meticulous and a wonder to watch. Capturing the cultural intricacies and building on an intimacy with a character that is not quickly forgotten, Rhetoric has become a personal favourite.