The aerial magic of drone photography giving us a birds-eye view of cityscapes

We’ve been frothing over aerial photography as of late. Whether it’s shots taken from space that look like Tame Impala album covers to desolate photos of Australian landscapes, there’s something completely sobering about photos taken from above. Perspective is skewed and colours become flat and disorienting in a way that disconnects you from the once familiar world you are looking at.

aerial photography

The aerial magic of drone photography is getting us all hot and heavy as of late. Here are some excellent examples epitomising delight of symmetry.

‘Cities’ is a series that The Guardian are currently publishing. Their latest piece looks at some of their favourite drone photography that they’ve unearthed on Instagram. It’s breathtaking stuff. Have a look at the collection below.

Park La Brea apartments, Los Angeles, US

“I searched for interesting compositions via Google Earth and then drove over to West Hollywood to fly and capture this shot.” – Terry (asteryx)

Shanghai, China – Nick Chu
Esplanade du Trocadero, Paris, France

“Since I didn’t have a permit to fly, I had to be very careful. I was flying from the other side of the river close to the Eiffel Tower. I went on top of Palaio de Chaillot and looked for the right perspective.” – Marina Vernicos ( mvernicos)

Drawbridge, Klaipėda, Lithuania

“Every July, the Sea Festival is held in Klaipėda, which gathers more than half a million people from around the world. During the festival all of the bridges in the city are lifted up for a while. Last summer I flew above one of them and captured it from an unusual perspective.” – Karolis Janulis (karolis.jay)

Villa 31, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Ale Petra ( alepetra_)
Accra, Ghana

“Rush hour lasts all day in Accra!” – Ofentse Mwase ( unclescrooch)

Lake Shore Drive bridge, Chicago, US

“In the spring and summer time, Sea Dog offers cruises on their big and yellow speed boats down the Chicago River. I wanted to capture a look down shot of them going under the bridge.” – Razvan Sera (razdood)

Mercat de Galvany, Barcelona, Spain

“In the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood.” – Aquiles Pirovano ( jacktheartist)

Guangzhou, China – Nick Chu
Nagoya, Japan

“I travelled to Nagoya from Tokyo with some friends and took this photo with a drone 120 metres in the sky to show how the city had changed over time.” – Yudai Goto (yudai_goto)

South Beach, Miami, US – Vitaly ( panvelvet)
The Whampoa, Hong Kong

“Hong Kong is one of the densest cities on the planet, and a great place for aerial photography. Soaring above Hong Kong, there’s a whole new view of our city to be enjoyed – an array of beautiful grids and patterns, and some surprises buried among it all. This “ship” seemingly stranded in the middle of the Whampoa apartment complex is actually a shopping centre.” – Bernie Ng ( itsbernie81)

[This article first appeared on The Guardian]