PREMIERE: Boykie cap off an epic six weeks with Through The Roof I Raised You

For the past six weeks, Perth lads Boykie have been giving us a new music video every seven days. It’s ambitious, but it’s now safe to say they’ve well and truly pulled it off.

It all began last month when we premiered the mesmerising I Didn’t Have A Shower Today, and since then we’ve been treated to the heart-warming and the heart-wrenching. It’s been a journey and a half for everyone that’s held on for the whole shebang.

Each of the videos have been made for the tracks released on Boykie’s 2017 EP Still Hiding. It’s breathing new life into each of the songs, not to mention reminding us all how much we loved them when they first came out.

Perth’s Boykie have been delivering a music video every week for the past six weeks. Now, they’re capping it off with the brutally honest, live spoken word track Through The Roof I Raised You.

Through The Roof I Raised You is a live slam poetry track that explores mental health issues and the lack of self-motivation that often accompanies them. The sprawling eight-minute video was seemingly shot in one take, and follows multiple voices as they circle a central character, providing contrasting layers to the poem’s main theme.

The videos have been created by Mind Mischief Productions, who say of their work:

We believe in the power of the unconscious and it’s capacity to facilitate profound change, in our minds and in our bodies. We are a cluster of creativity and ambition looking to expand the consciousness and imagination of our audience

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above, and if you’re only joining the party now, head over to the band’s Facebook page to catch up on all past videos.