PREMIERE: Boykie’s new video I Didn’t Have A Shower Today is completely enthralling and slightly bizarre

Perth five-piece Boykie are approaching the end of an era. Vocalist and Guitarist Sam Stopforth will be moving to Melbourne this month to continue on with the Boykie project alongside a different band.

So, the boys have decided to truly go out with a bang.

Perth’s Boykie are releasing six videos in six weeks. It’s ambitious, but if this first video is anything to go by… we’re in for a wild ride.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll be treated to not one, not two, not three, but six new music videos from the band. That’s one a week for six weeks… in case your maths isn’t great.

The six videos will be for each of the songs off the band’s 2017 EP Still Hiding, and the first of these videos is the slightly bizarre and completely enthralling I Didn’t Have A Shower Today. 

The track is a sombre blend of indie-folk, grunge, and pop that’s guaranteed to pull at your heart strings. “Now what the fuck is wrong with me,” Stopforth sings.

The video’s absurd imagery of bowling alleys and piers are captivating and visually striking.

The video was edited by Samuel Evans of Mind Mischief Productions (which he runs with Stopforth), who has also worked on videos for Tired Lion, San Cisco, Nick Allbrook, and a heap of others.

Evans will be working on four out of six of Boykie’s upcoming videos that Stopforth will be co-directing with a different local Perth director signed on to each one… so expect more of the same high quality!

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above, and keep an eye out for more videos in the coming weeks.