Getting to know your mate Buddy Dingo

Last week we came across Mortgage And A Mower, the all-too-charming new single from Narrandera songwriter Buddy Dingo. Self-described as just a “bloke having a go”, it’s hard not to like the guy. In fact, we couldn’t wait to hear more about him.

We thought, who better to introduce this top fella than the man himself? Take it away, Buddy.

buddy dingo mortgage and a mower
All images courtesy of Buddy Dingo

“Here’s ten bang on questions that will make ya feel like you’ve known Buddy Dingo since day bloody dot! Enjoy!!”

1. Best lie you’ve told and how long did it go on for?

I once told two new mates, the night I met them, that I had a world famous chicken schnitty blog, and that I get invited to numerous establishments around Australia to taste and review their schnitty. This went on for some two to three years until one these not-so-new mates invited me to their cousin’s new takeaway shop for a famous review.

I then had to confess, but after all the covering up I did, including getting other mates to lie for me and also creating a fake blog, I’ve decided that one day when my music career goes south, I will become a food reviewer/blogger. Thinking about calamari rings maybe this time?!

2. If ya had to choose one fictional tv character’s wardrobe to wear for the rest of ya life, who would it be and why?

Definitely George Costanza! Everything about his outfits work. They’re practical in winter and summer! He’s got some great slacks, real neat winter coats and some bloody wacky ’90s print button up shirts that make me real happy! We are the same height and I think once I start putting on a few more kilos over winter and eventually go bald in my later years, I will feel happy that I own these clothes!

3. Favourite beauty products?

Coconut oil! It’s real grouse on my beard. It smells yummo! And I’m not sure if this is scientifically proven yet, but I’m pretty sure it keeps the flies away on hot summer nights.

4. Name one guilty pleasure that lives in your DVD/VHS collection that no one knows about?

I own all 11 seasons of Cheers. I bought them all with my own money and spent a solid three weeks of my life when I was 22 watching all 11 seasons back to back and only really left my apartment to get food and occasionally pretend to review some schnitty.

5. Earliest positive drunk memory you can remember?

When I was maybe not 18 yet, I caught a night rider train back home from the city back out west and was feeling pretty rotten after a big night out. I was seated right out the back next to this real nice lady in her 70s. No idea why she was on this bus. Still to this day it’s a real mystery to me. The only answer I have, is that she was my guardian angel for the night.

She noticed I was ready to vom but had nowhere to do it on this packed bus of people. So in a gentle and assuring voice, she kindly removed the contents of her hand bag and said, “You can spew in here young lad”. I did! It was a very positive experience. There are some real great people in this world!!

6. Do you enjoy pineapple on a pizza and also do you enjoy coriander in various meals? 

Yes. Yes I do.

7. What are ya top three old school video games of all time?

Super International Cricket – Super Ninetendo
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 – PS2
Fifa World Cup ’98 – N64

8. What’s your spirit animal ?

Well you’d all think and say the dingo wouldn’t ya, but I was once told by a true spirit animal guide (Percy) that I am actually a ferret, and I think he’s spot on !

9. Current fave holiday spot?

Mystery Bay! It’s down the south coast of NSW. Real beaut spot. Corker beaches, bonza bushwalking tracks through the national park! Go visit it and its surrounding towns, tell them Buddy sent ya and you’ll get a discount on ya first night stay!

10. What are ya weekly lotto numbers and are they working for ya?

3, 8, 11, 24, 27, 42. They have been real useless, but I’m gonna keep with them! Still spending a lot of my time looking back at the past ten weeks of winning numbers and trying to figure out the connection and pattern for the coming week’s draw.

Also having no luck with that method, but it is keeping my brain alert and my maths skills at a high standard!


Listen to Buddy Dingo’s new track Mortgage And A Mower here, and catch him live on any of the dates below:

May 20th – Franks Wild Years, Thirroul
May 25th – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
May 27th – Birdhouse Bar, Wagga Wagga
June 9th – Mulgara, Canberra