PREMIERE: Brian Granse – 'The Longwall'

PREMIERE: Brian Granse – ‘The Longwall’

Portland singer-songwriter, Brian Granse unveils a powerful and heartfelt new EP, The Longwall.

Indie/Americana artist, Brian Granse is releasing his new EP, The Longwall on Friday, September 16 via Virtual Vinyl Records. The captivating and impactful six-track collection showcases warm acoustics, soothing vocals, poetic lyrics and enchanting melodies that will ignite your soul.

Fuelled by personal experiences and a passion for social justice, The Longwall paints a vivid and poignant picture of working-class hardships in rural America. Largely set against a backdrop of desolate flatlands across the midwest, melancholic chords, rich strings, and heartfelt stories illuminate the experiences of the economically depressed, aiming to offer solace and evoke hope for a more equitable and harmonious future.

Reflecting on his own rural beginnings, Granse says: “I’m navigating through my own value systems as I go through life to figure out what pieces of my history to hold to and which ones to grow away from or amend. I like capturing stories from within that pocket of growth that focus more on the humanity in people’s experiences as I contemplate…how do we bridge value systems in the United States?”

He continues, “In recent years, I’ve seen up close and personal how low-income families face so many more challenges on their paths, with systems in place that perpetuate that cycle. I see the broader system failing to provide them with opportunities to climb, and seeing it first hand is a sobering experience.”

Self-recorded entirely at Brian Granse’s home studio except for drums, which were engineered by Justin Phelps at Cloud City Studios, The Longwall features Kyleen King on violin (Brandi Carlile, The Decemberists), Chris Frank on upright bass, Gideon Freudman on cello (Portland Cello Project), Russ Kleiner on drums (Tony Furtado, Curtis Salgado), Lex Browning on violin (Tanya Tucker, Trace Adkins), and Paul Brainard on pedal steel (Blitzen Trapper, M. Ward).

The Longwall is slated for release tomorrow (September 16) across all streaming platforms. Let it transport you, enrich you and motivate you to become part of the change. Amidst the turbulence of modern society and the political climate in America, it is often difficult to see the role that music plays, but with a firmer understanding of the social issues faced in the city, Granse looks back on his rural beginnings with a newfound focus: “I think when we try to find some common ground and a way to inject some humanity into situations and stories, people can see beyond politics and achieve some level of shared vision,” he tells us. Listen to the pre-released EP via SoundCloud below.