PREMIERE: Brooding, atmospheric and dark as sin, ShadowPlay return with their new track Home

From the western-most reaches of Australia to the historic north of England and back, atmospheric metal band ShadowPlay have, literally, come a long way to get where they are today. Their latest single Home tells the story of that journey.

Their first single in almost a decade, Home is lead singer Alitia’s personal story of chasing her dreams across oceans and getting lost on the way. It is about her finding a special person who helped her feel grounded again.

The band has been playing music together since 2003, and you can hear that experience and professionalism in every note. Being able to show technical ability while also crafting a cohesive piece of music is a skill that is difficult to learn, but one which the members of ShadowPlay have clearly mastered.

shadowplay home

Darkened and opulent, ShadowPlay operate like a well-oiled gothic contraption, one where no single instrument takes the forefront.

Each of Linus Chen’s rollicking guitar riffs propel the song forward. Uwe Harnisch’s bass lines add a sense of drive. Duane Bonney’s effortless drum beats inspire listeners to bang their heads. Guy Lillico’s brooding and ominous keyboard tones set the mood and lead vocalist Alitia’s stunning pipes bring it all together, telling a story that so many of us can relate to.

Every note is necessary. Every bell that tolls in the background adds to the atmosphere. The lyrics are clever and thoughtful and the dizzying lead-break is breathtaking.

But, despite the sheer volume of skills on display, no one part ever takes away from another. It’s gorgeous, clever song-writing which helps make the message of the song all the more effective.

The music video for Home is suitably opulent and devilshly gothic. Party scenes filled with merry-makers in beautiful turn of the century attire try to steer the members of the band down the path of naughty not-niceness.

“We wanted the music video for Home to represent being lost and then found” the band said, “Its about the obstacles and temptations faced when pursuing your dreams and finding happiness beyond the superficial.”

It really is a beautiful accompaniment to the song and does a wonderful job of portraying the same mood and story.