Want to avoid your mind exploding at Sydney Psych Fest? Here’s Jim Mitchell’s 5 tips for keepin’ it together

Sydney Psych Fest is about to undertake it’s third year, and since the full lineup was unleashed we’ve been counting down the days.

For an event like this, preparation is paramount and we’ve already talked to the festival’s director David Couri to catch a hint of some behind-the-scenes action. While that was well and good, we thought we’d enlist the help of an on-ground expert for some street level know-how.

Introducing Jim Mitchell, pariah of The Jim Mitchells and captain of all things psychoactive. Here’s his 5 tips for keeping your head from exploding at Psych Fest.

the jim mitchells

Before embarking on your journey of enlightenment at Sydney Psych Fest, step into the hydrochloric mind of Jim Mitchell for 5 hot tips.

Stay hydrated

Common knowledge says that increased levels of fluid consumption are equal to increased levels of hydration. Personal experience also says that the consumption of roughly 10 cold vics is equal to “havin’ a good one”. Photographic evidence furthermore states that “havin’ a good one” may lead to the oral expulsion of viscous fluids.

Jim says: “have a good one…but don’t get juice on your boots.”

Jim Mitchell

Be prepared

Preparation is key to any successful venture outside of the house, especially during daylight hours. Be sure to pack any necessary possessions, bric-a-brac, or personal items that are essential to comfort and feelings of belonging.

If you require medication, we suggest discretely concealing them upon your person, within orifices or within a carry case organised for appropriate hourly consumption.

Jim Mitchells Psych Fest

Dress appropriately

In 2k17, it has become extremely important to wear clothing in public. Key aspects of clothing include hats and/or protective head wear. If you know that your head is prone to fragility, Jim suggests adopting a sturdy headpiece to avoid knocks and shocks to the brain.

Fun Fact: Headpiece will not guarantee removal of fragile thoughts.

Jim Mitchells Psych Fest

Stay with friends

If you are lucky enough to have access to consistent levels of mutually positive human interaction, we suggest convincing said humans to accompany you to the event. Dark, sweaty band rooms may become lonely at times without the company of others.

Hot Tip: Voices heard inside one’s head may not be actual friends.

jim mitchells psych fest

Get something to remember

If you have taken steps 1 and 2 too seriously, then you may begin to experience feelings of light-headedness, increased intoxication and forgetfulness. We suggest exploring the event site for a location providing “takeaway-memories.”

These memories may present themselves in the form of clothing, vinyl discs or cassette tapes in which you can use to remember what the fuck happened the day before.

Jim says: “buy some wax, dummy!”

jim mitchell planet absorbed

Sydney Psych Fest will be taking place on February 25, 2017 at The Factory Theatre. Jump onto the Facebook event to stay up to date, and head here to grab your tickets.

And here’s the lineup in full:

Carsick Cars
Mere Women
Belles Will Ring
Buried Feather
Unity Floors
Grinding Eyes
The Jim Mitchells
Dead Radio
Cat Heaven

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