Sydney Psych Fest drop their third wave announcement of brain-bending psychedelic royalty

With two waves of beastly line-up announcements having already reached our newsrooms, Sydney Psych Fest III is shaping up to be the boutique festival’s most frazzled incarnation yet.

The first clipping introduced us to Chinese powerhouses Carsick Cars and White+, while the second round included the likes of shoegaze purveyors Flyying Colours, Buried Feather and a select few other favourites. The latest takes the event to a new nirvana.

sydney psych fest

Sydney Psych Fest climbs to alarming new heights with their third wave artist announcement. Jump in the bomb shelter cause this one’s gonna go off.

First up on the new and improved ticket are Brisbane’s Dreamtime, returning once again to Sydney Psych Fest shores. They’ll be joined by fellow cosmonauts Grinding Eyes and the devilish power duo Unity Floors.

Happy’s own acid poster boys The Jim Mitchells will be taking you on a journey through time and space and Dead Radio’s darker psych vibes will be there to rip you right out of it.

Comacozer and Thorax will be be blasting music heavier than a black hole’s epicentre, and the lineup will be rounded off with post-punk pedal junkies Cat Power.

Sydney Psych Fest will be taking place on February 25, 2017 at The Factory Theatre. Jump onto the Facebook event to stay up to date, and head here to grab your tickets.

And here’s the lineup in full:

Carsick Cars
Mere Women
Belles Will Ring
Buried Feather
Unity Floors
Grinding Eyes
The Jim Mitchells
Dead Radio
Cat Heaven