Premiere: Bugs embrace Aussie punk on Too Fast For Satan

Gotta love an album title that is ballsy, but has a good sense of humour. It’s even better when it fits the band down to a tee. The new EP from Brisbane pop punk band Bugs is just this. It’s got the energy of good ol’ 90s/00s pop punk like Area-7, down to the candid accent and lyrical prowess (Nobody Likes A Bogan was an Aussie classic – don’t deny it), and like most good punk from that era it doesn’t take itself too seriously, despite some pretty stark content. You’ll be hard pressed not to get just a little bit nostalgic.

Bugs EP Premiere

Like the upbeat Aussie punk of yesteryear, Bugs embrace Aussie punk with good time sing-alongs, powerful guitars, goon, mates and tinnies on Too Fast For Satan.

Bugs is the moniker for Brisbane-based, coastal-bred songwriter Connor Brooker, who has been putting out music under the name since mid 2014. His tunes are unabridged by pretence; fun-loving, summer-tinged punk that is about as Australian as you can get. It’s always a nice surprise to see bands like The Smith Street Band, Flowertruck and Big White embrace the often-submerged twang of our homeland accent, and Bugs is another to add to the list. His songs are honest reflections of growing up; unhindered tales of subject matters like hurt, friendships, finding yourself and, of course, tinnies – wrapped in surfy pop punk.

It’s a succinct EP, smashing through five songs in 15 minutes. Tracks like Best Friend and Tinnies are upbeat and anthemic, with big sing-along hooks, and belting drums. The lyrics are clear and story like, painting a picture of some pretty loose times with lines like “Cos the night will get you there/Gotta grab a coupla’ goonies, never under prepare“. It’s not poetry, but damn, is it relatable.

The production takes it up a peg from the last EP In My Room, which was literally recorded in Brooker’s bedroom, with tight, snappy drums and powerful guitars. Everything I Said and Self Conscious are more downbeat, with melancholy melodies and sparkling, modulated guitars, hinting at a path forward to something slightly darker and a little more mature. The EP sees a definitive step forward in the band’s songwriting, with more complex riffs, song structure and lyricism. Brooker also seems to have nailed the art of writing a hook – the whole EP is catchy as hell.

Bugs have a pretty bright future ahead of them, they know where their strengths lie and they are honest about making music. They seem to be all about having fun with their song writing and genuinely stoked to be doing it. With an artwork that says it all, Too Fast For Satan is a cracker of an EP, and a big step forward for Bugs.

Bugs Too Fast For Satan

The boys have been invited to join Hockey Dad on the Queensland leg of their current national tour. They are sure to play to some pretty packed out rooms so have a listen to the EP, get acquainted, and drink some goon with Bugs.

Friday June 12 – Elsewhere, Gold Coast w/ Pilots + Bugs TICKETS

Saturday June 13 – Trainspotters, Brisbane w/ Love Signs + Bugs (TICKETS AT THE DOOR)

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