PREMIERE: Coda Chroma harness the beauty of nature in moving new single Circles

Gippsland indie pop duo Coda Chroma have released a haunting and ethereal new single Circles. With subtle sounds similar to that of CHVRCHES and Alpine, Coda Chroma are a poised and beautifully crafted addition to the Australian soundscape.

Coda Chroma is the project of Kate Lucas and aural architect Damien Charles, intent on making music as a reflection of their surrounding environments – simple and natural.

Coda Chroma

Victorian duo Coda Chroma have come out with a new single Circles ahead of their second record, an eclectic mix of subtle beats and organic samples.

The track comes as a leading single from the duo’s upcoming second album, marking a step into more complex and adventurous territory for the artists. Hailing from such a beautiful area, it would only seem natural that Circles would incorporate sounds from their environment.

Simple 808 beats, organic samples from their surroundings, hand claps, warped junkyard organs and raw vocals make up the body of the single.

The track itself takes an audience through Kate’s own experiences of weary disillusionment and the journey into lighter spaces. Coming from a jazz background, Kate’s vocals on the track are a direct reflection of her influences and musical upbringing.

Raw and powerful, there is an undeniable strength behind the subtle chimes and glimmers of the production for Circles. Coming to the end of the single, you’re left in awe of its deeply moving sentiment combined with its expert simplicity.

If you are a fan of music from Future Islands, Ngaiire and Frank Ocean, then Coda Chroma are an act you should definitely check out. They have a launch approaching on the 5th of May to showcase the single held at The Spotted Mallard in Melbourne – don’t miss out.