PREMIERE: Covered with dust and reeling from a peyote-induced desert experience come The Family Jordan with It Won’t Be Long

The desert is an alluring place. There is something that screams freedom when you think of dystopian desert landscapes with nothing but sand and sun and rock around you. It’s the source of some of America’s greatest musical exports, from Jim Morrison to Josh Homme – artists who have tapped into the druggy lifeblood that pumps through the desert to create music to that is as spacious as it is possessive. The Family Jordan drink from the desert rock oasis that is a swirling pool of blues, country, stoner rock and folk to create an amalgamation of each; the latest after affect being the wondrous tune It Won’t Be Long.

it won't take long
Drink from a desert rock oasis with The Family Jordan and experience all It Won’t Be Long has to offer.

The Family Jordan is the brainchild of Jordan Rochfort and Sam Joseph – a realisation of a life-long dream shared between the two. They embody the heart of the desert through loose, spacious rock music with titles like Spirit Guide and Red Moon. They’re unmistakably pure in their intent to “Defy the rigidity and soullessness of modern music” – something clearly expressed though their sonic excursions. Making full use of reverb, slide guitars, bluesy riffs and soulful, gospel-inspired vocals the band have an innate beauty; some vague possession by a higher being. And their music is the sonic exorcism of this possession.

It Won’t Be Long is everything you’d want from a desert rock tune: twangy Americana guitars, steeped in reverb and blues ethos, a perfectly paced rhythm section that demands a response from your head and neck, celestial gospel backing vocals, and an overall sense that if the song ends, the experience that you’re currently enjoying may never be recaptured. But of course it can, and you will hit repeat, I promise. There are simple, unavoidable hooks strewn through the vocals and guitar melodies that will stick around, swimming in your head for days. The insistent rhythm is also broken up wonderful by a swirling breakdown that wouldn’t be out of place on the debut album from psych rockers Temples.

It Won’t Be Long is the latest cut from Holy Smokes, the second album from The Family Jordan, due out in the very near future. Expect an engrossing, mind-expanding experience. Be sure to keep an eye out for their live dates too, after all they’ve played with King Gizzard so you know they’ll be dynamite.