PREMIERE: Cuba, America and now Australia, Danny Ross’s new single Roses gives new meaning to world music

After re-emerging into the Aussie music scene earlier in 2016, Danny Ross has quietly been picking up momentum, preparing to launch his forthcoming album Aquamarine. A couple of months ago we were treated to our first taste of that record, We Are Songs, and today Ross releases a much more brooding, considered second offering with Roses.

danny ross

Inspired by a Maui volcano Roses from Danny Ross is a single that’s been to the end of the world and back.

Roses came to Ross while he was staying in a cabin nestled into the side of a volcano in Maui, and then progressed to its final delivery as he travelled through the dusty backroads of Mississippi and New Orleans before heading all the way to California.

The worldliness of Roses is well-considered, and the American influences are clear in the final cut. Twanging guitar and sharp drum snaps warp you straight into the American Western ideal; long trails, saloons and worn travellers. In the latter half of the song, a clean Spanish guitar lick starts cutting through.

All of this layered underneath Ross’s quietened, emotional vocal delivery reminiscent of Alt-J’s Joe Newman make for a track that’s very understated to begin with, grabs your attention and keeps delivering throughout.

A considered crescendo towards the end of Roses brings a smattering of excitement, but it’s the subtlety of this song that bears it’s strength. Looking past the desire to keep adding to a track is the mark of an experienced artist, a mark Danny Ross bears, presenting this fine example of the classic ideal ‘less is more’.

The upcoming Aquamarine was produced by Jan Skubiszewski (Way of the Eagle), and features performances bassist Ryan Monro and drummer Will Hull-Brown, both of The Cat Empire. Keep an ear out for more from this returning Aussie artist.