PREMIERE: Delightful, downtempo and drowned in reverb, The Delicates are surf rock at its peak on Subdued

As the days grow colder and we all grow older, it’s important to keep letting the sunny indie rock Australia is so addicted to keep its place in our minds. If anything, letting that kind of reverb drenched, beach holiday music warm your bones only becomes more important right as we say goodbye to summer and daylight savings.

Subdued, the new track from The Delicates, is the sonic equivalent to a ray of sunshine through windowpanes; warm, radiant and too comfortable for words.

the delicates subdued premiere happy mag

Lo-fi, wholesome and steeped in summertime sunshine, The Delicates continue their string of surf rock goodness with Subdued.

Considering this kind of surfie sound, it’s no surprise that The Delicates call the Gold Coast their home. The six piece formed in 2014, and have been frankly been killing it on local stages since, gigging often and gigging hard.

Subdued marks the first single off an upcoming 2017 EP, and if what’s to follow is of the same quality, consider our ears pricked.

The opening riff immediately conjures an image of rolling waves seen through a sepia filter. It calls in a strong Californian surfie vibe, a slacker’s chord progression letting a echoey electric guitar laze about on top of it.

The vocals extrapolate this feel, but with a lo-fi twist. The lyrics are simple, and this lends a friendliness to Subdued that’s completely magnetic. Give the chorus one spin, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from humming along, eyes shut and body swaying.

All in all it’s unspeakably effective, catchy and easygoing. It’s true to their style, a DIY hit that turns its back to big breakdowns, heavy percussion and the other tropes indie rock has become known by.

The Delicates have kept it simple on Subdued, a sparkling surf track that’s good for the ears and good for the soul.