PREMIERE: Diamonds Of Neptune explore vast sonic territories on their debut album

Diamonds Of Neptune create sprawling sonic planes within each of their songs. Their tunes stretch out for eternities; as though they’re completely unbounded by concepts of space or time. And we guarantee that you’ll have no problem getting lost inside their epic musical universe.

With the release of their debut self-titled album, the Melbourne-based five-piece have immediately established themselves as one of the Australian indie scene’s more unique and exciting emerging acts. If you’re not already familiar with this name, we strongly recommend you change that.

On their amazingly explorative debut album, Melbourne-based group Diamonds Of Neptune craft a far-reaching slice of atmospheric psych-pop brilliance.

Throughout the new record, Diamonds Of Neptune glide through a hallucinatory blend of atmospheric dream-pop, indie-rock, and psychedelia to deliver something uniquely their own. With sweeping synths, immersive guitar lines, and dream-like vocal melodies, the new 11-track album will leave you completely transfixed.

Across its 45-minute run-time, the album stretches in myriad sonic directions—it never sits in one place for too long. Leave It All Behind immediately establishes the far-reaching scope of the record, weaving euphoric guitar work with spirited, soaring hooks.

Give A Little will leave you locked in irresistible psych-pop grooves, while tracks like Sunlight will leave you soaring atop some travelling cloud—a strange, narcotised journey you’ll never want to end.

Open The Door is a standout track, flaunting the band’s incredible melody work. With a bassline that’ll leave you unable to stop moving your hips and deeply addictive vocal lines, the song will stick with you for weeks.

By the time the album’s closing track Alive Completely fades back out of existence, you’ll be left completely mesmerised by the band’s explorative brand of music.

Catch Diamonds Of Neptune live at their album launch show on October 26th. More info here.