Listen to Patti Smith chat censorship, Bob Dylan and (not) being cool in this animated interview from 1976

We’re huge fans of the Blank on Blank series form PBS where they animate old interviews with well known writers, musicians and actors. From Kurt Cobain to Leonard Cohen to Bob Dylan, the videos breathe new life into old media which might otherwise be forever forgotten.

Patti Smith

Listen to Patti Smith tear apart censorship, praise Bob Dylan and explain why sometimes you haver to stop trying to be cool in an animated 1976 interview.

Another brilliant instalment from the series that we just came across is a chat between writer, photographer and film maker Mick Gold and Patti Smith. The interview took place on May 10, 1976 inside the Portobello Hotel in London, just a few months after Smith released her seminal album, Horses.

During the interview, Smith and Gold talk about everything from the recent censorship of her cover of My Generation by The Who, falling in love with poetry via Rimbaud and Bob Dylan, and why you can’t try to be cool all the time.

Patti Smith remains one of the most impassioned and enduring artists of our time. From her incredible debut album Horses, Patti Smith has written three books, 11 albums and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2007.

Watch it below and read the transcript of the interview here.