PREMIERE: Doctor Goddard unveil desert-dazing new single ‘Canyonero’

Ever feel like high-tailing through terrestrial desert plains on a drug-induced bender, Hunter S. Thompson style? As fun as it sounds, you probably shouldn’t do that. But new track Canyonero from Doctor Goddard will definitely scratch the itch.

Formed in the Blue Mountains by two brothers Mikael (Vocals/Guitar) and Nicholas Sandström (Drums/Vocals), Doctor Goddard are an amalgam of psychedelic rock’s spaciness and a rough alt-country twang. The band were recently forced to reconfigure their lineup after the departure of their third member, Chris Seaman (Bass) back to his Cleveland, Ohio hometown. Incorporating a new lead guitarist and bassist onto the scene, the haze makers from the holy hills are back as a four-piece.

doctor goddard canyonero
Photo: Four Minutes To Midnight

Strap in, Doctor Goddard are here to take you on a cosmic-infused journey through desert plains on their latest track Canyonero.

It seems Doctor Goddard have found solace in the inner-west warehousing precinct, migrating to Sydney to record their new song Canyonero. After being recorded by the two Sandström brothers at Electric Sheep studios, the track was mixed by Jack Moffitt and mastered by Nick Franklin at Rolodex.

The track is layered with a twangy riff, accompanied by howling garage vocals that take us back to the summer of 1969. A series of swirly flanger strums point the car straight down the road as we begin our time-travelling journey through astral plains and cosmic-laden mountains. Canyonero has that certain lysergic flare, while maintaining the cowboy edge necessary to their idiosyncratic sound.

Sandström’s wailing vocals draw influence from ’70s era rock n’ rollers the likes of John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival) and Jim Morrison (The Doors). It seems the crew have reinvigorated themselves with the new on Canyonero.

Doctor Goddard are back in the recording studio and are set to release more music in the coming months. Their tour plans have been put on hold due to the coronavirus, but it looks like they’ll be back on the live scene stronger than ever once venues start opening their doors again.