PREMIERE: DOG DICK PINK deliver concentrated chaos on ‘ABC (Her Body)’

Watching DOG DICK PINK perform live is like watching an explosion. Every time the Sydney-based six-piece take to a stage, they leave shards of musical shrapnel flying in all directions. Wonky synth lines expand and contract, vocal melodies are spat across dancefloors, rhythms pulsate with a brilliant unpredictability, and bodies are contorted beyond reasonable limits.

In short, it’s complete and utter chaos. Until now, the only attempt at capturing this mayhem has come through a series of demos, but today they’ve treated us to their first proper single, ABC (Her Body). Fittingly, this thing is an all-out assault of noise.

Photo: Maxine Booker

On their new single ABC (Her Body), Sydney outfit DOG DICK PINK deliver an unrelenting slice of post-punk madness.

Led by the towering and gaunt Nathan Dick, DDP possess a live presence seldom found in modern music. There’s a sense of danger in their performance; like anything could go wrong at any moment. Of course, distilling this into a recorded piece of music is quite difficult, but the band have well-and-truly pulled it off.

With a breathy cough, ABC (Her Body) explodes into existence. Raucous guitars, warped synths, and Birthday Party-era Nick Cave vocals fuel this whirlpool of sound — it’s an ungodly concoction held together by forceful percussion and a strong lyrical message.

“Her body is hers, not yours,” Nathan howls through the song’s chorus. Tolerance of intolerance is a bullshit concept, and his unrelenting bark will maul anyone who thinks it’s alright to lay hands on another person against their will.

Soon enough, this whole coronavirus ordeal will be over and live music will return. When it does, keep your hands to yourself… especially at a DOG DICK PINK concert.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to their new single above.