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Waves present new Playlist Rider for podcasters and livestreamers

Audio software giant Waves has just released their new Playlist Rider plugin aimed at podcasters and livestreamers.

The tool is designed to automate volume levels for podcasters and streamers who often have audio from multiple different sound sources: hosts, guests, music and sound effects.Playlist Rider

Waves’ new Playlist Rider is designed to be an easy set and forget solution for podcasters and livestreamers to make sure their audio is always on point.

Waves’ plug-in is designed as a set and forget tool that promises to make podcasting easy. Rather than compressing volume levels, which often makes audio sound harsh and unnatural, the Playlist Rider aims to keep the natural dynamics of sounds in your show via a “nondestructive adjustment“.

It’s a powerful and simple plugin that even comes with a Tonal Character tool to match the tonal quality of each sound source in a show, making your podcasts sound even smoother.

Podcasters and livestreamers face a lot of difficulties in getting good audio when they would much rather be talking. Getting the sound of more than one person on a recording can be difficult and often results in jarring audio where one person’s voice sounds a bit louder or softer, distracting the listener. Fiddling with and worrying about audio is also not very conducive to being an entertaining host!

The Playlist Rider would be especially helpful for livestreamers, who have to deal with sound issues on the fly and do not have the luxury of being able to edit later.

For more info check out the Waves website.