PREMIERE: Drinking in Iceland craft a spine-tingling debut on Fever

Drinking in Iceland is an Australian rock band, their dynamic sound will lure you in with contagious melodies and powerful lyrics that make you feel reckless and carefree.

The band’s debut track Fever is a spine-tingling anthem of intense love and longing, that will “make you want to ride down a giant hill without a helmet”.

drinking in iceland
Photo: Charlie Hardy

Drinking in Iceland’s debut single Fever is a cinematic anthem that is both intimate and intense; it will simultaneously hit you in the feels and make you want to sing along.

Drinking in Iceland is the creative brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Chris Quinton, who spent years filling hard drives with demos and unfinished work before bonding with guitarist Ben Graham over a kindred love of Coldplay in 2013. Their combined passions gradually built towards what eventually became Drinking In Iceland in 2019 when drummer Bryce Crocombe came on board.

Transitioning out of a difficult year, Quinton took an Aussie summer to reset. Amongst 42 degree beach days, indulging in the simple joys of cooking delicious food and making music, Fever was written.

Fever is both passionate and subtle, it’s propelled by rolling drum rhythms, while hazy synth sounds add atmospheric depth.  The song sonically embodies the journey to finding love as Quinton sings “I’ll find my way to you.” The track gradually builds to a cinematic climax in the bridge, adding to the intensity and intimacy the lyrics portray. Fever is at once joyous and moving, igniting a fire in both your belly and your lungs.

Producer Jackson Barclay was there every step of the way of putting this track together, and, in many ways, his devotion, persistence and musical tenure have been the final pieces of the puzzle that is Drinking in Iceland. The band’s first record is well underway, and if this first track is anything to go by, it’s going to be a real treat.