PREMIERE: Duan & Only captures hearts and sends them flying on cruisey new single ‘Bobbie Blu’

It’s almost holiday time, and what better way to kick off your hopeful tropical adventure than with the lush, breezy sounds of Duan & Only, with his latest acoustic lick of loveliness, Bobbie Blu. 

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Duan & Only works a special kind of magic on Bobbie Blu, transporting you to another realm as the song gently appears in the distance like a utopian mirage of a heavenly, tropical place, without you having even left your seat.

Bobbie Blu is the sort of soft acoustic melody that has you swept up from the first strum of the guitar. And who doesn’t love a cruisey, bossa nova style rhythm for their Friday arvo relaxation? A wonderfully delicate but precise strum on the dreamy nylon strings of Duan & Only’s acoustic guitar picks you up like a gentle gust of wind that rustles through the palm trees on a quiet beachfront.

Little else could exemplify the sweet, organic hush of Duan’s guitar rhythms than his soft but soaring vocals that sing beautifully of unconditional love and adoration for a special someone. It’s a love song, but not one that pleads and or bows to the person in mind. Instead, Bobbie Blu expresses the perfect balance of happiness and thanks for endowing such a special feeling to someone who feels so lucky to be feeling it.

Even Duan’s mic-checking entry vocal as the song begins is a dreamscape developed. Additional harmonies from a female vocalist really do the trick to make each chorus of suspended ooooh’s develop into a more full-bodied sound which encapsulates the listener with unending melodic radiance.

Cap it all off with some minimal but highly effective Latin percussion thanks to the mix of bongos, shakers and the gentle beating of a Cajon, and you’ve got yourself an exotic masterpiece fit for any low-key occasion.

Stream Duan & Only’s latest single Bobbie Blu above.