Josh Alexander’s debut single Closing is an anthem for long distance Love

North Sydney multi-instrumentalist Josh Alexander has gifted us an Autumnal anthem of long-distance love with his debut single Closing.

Alexander worked closely with producer and long-time friend Peter Witjes in the Netherlands before making his debut this year.

Josh Alexander Closing

Josh Alexander’s new single Closing is a hymnal expression of love and loneliness as two long-distance lovers unite.

After spending the majority of 2018 abroad, Closing emerged as Alexander grappled with notions of home, distance, and intimacy across the seas.

Alexander’s earnest, untreated voice is accompanied by melancholic melodies and angelic harmonies. The single is described as a heart-breaking exposition his “struggles with time zones, distance, intimacy and simple connection.”

The ethereal strength of Josh Alexander’s expression is sure to cement his spot as one of Australia’s finest up-and-coming singer/songwriters: “Sure there’s been times, I’ll admit I feel lonely, but I swear, just hold on darling, the distance is closing.”

“Closing came really naturally to me when I began writing it and I knew I had to use it somehow. My girlfriend and I had been apart for a while, and it was becoming more apparent to formulate lyrics around the struggles of long-distance relationships”, Alexander shared.

While Closing is Alexander’s official debut, he’s been writing music and performing with multiple instruments since age 11, fleshing out musical ideas in his North Sydney bedroom for the majority of his life. In 2019, we’re being let inside to witness the evolution of his unique sound.

Josh has touched back down in Australia, and he’s ready to continue writing more music and performing Closing for live audiences across Sydney.

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