PREMIERE: Dream-pop meets lo-fi charm on YUPPY’s surreal new video for Top Down

Roll along through a gooey wonderland with YUPPY’s cruisy, dream pop debut Top Down.

Made up of Gussy and Steffy, the duo are a laid-back, bedroom outfit from Adelaide.

YUPPY have dropped a brand new video for Top Down. It’s a colourful blend of laid-back grooves in surreal settings, all injected with a bit of humour.

The dashing array of colours in YUPPY’s new clip for Top Down make you feel like your in the opening scene of a Simpsons episode. Gussy and Steffy are eating a bizarre meal of M&Ms and Alphabettis. To see two full grown men sleepily nodding their head to this upbeat tune and eating children’s food is a true visual delight. Think dream-pop meets lo-fi beats and groove with elements of Gus Dapperton, Tyler, The Creator, and Zack Villere.

The entire clip should be taken with a grain of salt as YUPPY have no doubt found their own zany, wacky way through life and Top Down does just that. Things flip upside down as the adult becomes the child and bright rainbow clothes and glasses give life to the quirky set, similar in style to that of Connan Mockasin‘s Bostyn n Dobsyn film.

Through it all, YUPPY is a baby of the internet age, exploring a wide range of influences and styles, while feeling familiar all the same. Recorded on a bedroom floor using Garageband and pawn shop gear, Top Down will leave you feeling like your driving a cloud as if it were a car. With an oozy soup of pitch shifters and vocal transformers to boot, the result is a boppin’ tune that’ll transport any listener to a dreamlike state.

Drift away with a smile to the eccentric styles of YUPPY above.