Rooms continue their streak of amazing videos with the heart wrenching new clip for Stars Beyond

Sydney pop duo Rooms have followed up their May release Star’s Beyond with a poignant and touching accompanying video. Stepping away from simple artistry, Rooms and the team at production company Varna Park have put together a strong short film based upon the complexities of a disintegrating relationship.  

Stars Beyond

More of a short film than a music video, Rooms’ clip for Stars Beyond tells the heartbreaking tale of a failing relationship in it’s last days.

The vision of Varna Park’s Rory Pearson was to capture the delicacy of hearts breaking and moving into the next stages of adolescence, navigating the future and where love fits into this narrative.

“Pearson wanted the music video to tap into the thoughts and feelings you experience when you feel a relationship is slipping away; with that inherent fear of loss that creeps in slowly and consumes your thoughts. The end of a relationship, whether you simply grow apart or lose attraction for one another is one of the hardest emotional roads to navigate.”

“All the normal signals and signs from your partner become muddled and communication begins to deteriorate”

The film is full of heaving emotion, relatable idiosyncrasies of youth and tender vulnerability, it is both heartbreaking and raw, an overwhelmingly connective visual experience.  Although the film does seem to veer away from the song, becoming very much its own, Star’s Beyond weaves in and out of the storyline; subtle and complementary.

Starring actor/director Diana Popovska, Star’s Beyond is an aching story of young love found and lost. Visually stunning; soft and rough, fast and slowed at all the right moments.   Framed in swirling pink smoke and feminine undertones, the fragmented cuts are dark and eclipse one another with impeccable timing.

Stars Beyond as a track presents as pitching, ethereal and beat heavy.  It’s deep and punchy, with enough of an electronic vein to pull it forward into an eventually fast paced tumble of layered guitars and cymbals.

A beautiful marriage of film and music, a true piece of art from this collaboration of two great Sydney minds.