PREMIERE: e4444e soars to astonishing new atmospheres on ‘Solar’

With a debut album on the way, the last few months has seen e4444e treating us to a number of new sounds, his exploratory compositions making us swoon every time.

Now the Newcastle native has released another single Solar, injecting galaxies, stars, and space into his melodic acoustic sound. 

e4444e David Lobb premiere solar
Photo: David Lobb

On Solar, e4444e seamlessly proves that less is more, conjuring up a complex and textural sonic universe with the simplest of sounds. 

Earlier this year the Newcastle-based artist, also known as Romy Church, announced that he would be signing with prominent indie label Spunk Records, and would soon be delivering his debut album Coldstream Road. While all of the artist’s existing releases ooze authenticity and a stunning tinge of melancholy, Solar seems to achieve this with newfound finesse.

The track is a living, breathing creature which Church has nurtured with every ounce of care until it was ready to soar through the cosmos.

Reflecting on the track and how it came to be, Romy said:

“Before ‘Solar’ I hadn’t done many recordings that were mainly acoustic guitar and singing. It took me a while to decide whether I would want to add more or just leave it as it is. I think that was a turning point into how I practice playing music now. I remember I was thinking about it and listening to Michael Hurley’s first album in a park in the afternoon and realised I didn’t need anything more than any of the parts in my head.”

“I rushed back home and recorded the demo which is pretty much what the album version sounds like except without Noah’s melodicas, glocks and Lemonheads-esque vox.”

While e4444e was sparing when it came to adding sounds to the mostly acoustic track, he has done so with impeccable refinement. Every aspect of the instrumentals within Solar declare their purpose, tied together flawlessly by Romy’s charming vocals, further strengthening the floaty, space-like nature of the track. As a result, the artist has once again conjured a highly textural soundscape, one which you can delve into for hours on end.


Solar is out June 4th and Coldstream Road is out June 12th, both via Spunk Records. Order your copy of e4444e’s debut album here.