PREMIERE: Elenore crafts a dazzling debut on Landslide

Elenore is the vibrant new pop disturbance to hit Melbourne, her distinctive sound a delectable blend of sultry, striking vocals, mellow synths, and electronic drum beats.

Her debut single Landslide is a minimal yet soaring track that layers catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics and a collage-work of evocative, harmonious vocal overdubs.

Melbourne songstress Elenore makes a dazzling debut on Landslide, a flourishing electronic siren call that is both minimal and soaring.

Making the move to Melbourne from the country Victorian town of Bendigo at the age of 17 to pursue a career in music, Elenore worked tirelessly throughout 2018 to start writing and recording music. Working alongside producer Evan Klar at Fallback Studios, Elenore marks her debut with Landslide, a track that dives into the lightest and darkest corners of herself as an individual and in relationships.

Drawing on inspiration from female powerhouses such as Vera Blue, AURORA and Lily Allen, Elenore puts her heart on her sleeve on Landslide, with heartfelt lyricism and melodic verses that are simple yet effective. The track glimmers with kaleidoscopic textures, feeling otherworldly as it spirals through interwoven layers of clear-eyed vocals and a chorus of siren calls.

The track is lent a further layer of shimmer through the glitchy filtering of vocals and percussion at select intervals, something which especially helps add a little chaos to the effortless sweetness of Elenore’s voice. The nimbly twisting melodies of Landslide are delivered with a light touch, but there’s a vastness to the sound that lies in the reverberated percussion and echoing harmonies.

Elenore’s bold and emotional live performance will take you to soulful depths, perfectly capturing the power of her emotionally-charged lyrics. In light of the release of Landslide, Elenore will be bringing her gripping live performance to the stage at The Tote upstairs on September 12, find out more here.