Elenore shares her five favourite Melbourne artists

If you haven’t already wrapped your ears around Elenore’s new single Lanslide, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it now. The track is a perfect showcase of the Melbourne artist’s songwriting skills, and we’ve had it spinning on repeat ever since we first heard it.

So, fresh off the tack’s release, we caught up with one of our new favourite Melbourne artists for a list of her favourite Melbourne artists.

Hot off the release of her brilliant new single Lanslide, Elenore shares a list of her favourite Melbourne artists.


An absolutely huge voice that captures a room in a second. Her live performances are so soulful and completely encapsulate her songs.


This self-produced 18-year-old is absolutely killing the scene at the moment giving off an Australian Clairo sound that is very distinctly her.

Essie Holt

This artist has recently switched her style and image and it is completely working for her. She has an alternative electronic pop sound that I love.


Another powerful voice that I love. Actually sharing some qualities with Eliott, she has recently released two surprise singles that are so emotional and beautiful.

Max Lawrence

This artist has the most beautiful high range that I have heard. He floats and soars with his melodies and lyrics that absolutely sooth you.

Elenore’s new single Landslide is available now. Listen here.