NY rapper Eddy$tacks is the up and comer you wanna jump on early

Rising rap king Eddy$tacks is quickly establishing prominence with his banging debut album The Allowance. 

The stunning production and powerful lyrics shine new light on a relatively saturated trap rap scene.

Eddy$tacksNY rapper, Eddy$tacks is shooting for the top and absolutely no one is gonna stop him getting there. His debut album, The Allowance, is proof.

Following a brief hiatus from the music industry, Eddy$tacks returns in fine form with The Allowance the debut and first release from his own record label, Stack Team Entertainment. Eddy$tacks has reintroduced himself to the current hip-hop landscape with a signature flair for trap-rap and punchy, powerful flow.

Hailing from Rhode Island, Eddy$tacks grew up being influenced by legendary NY lyricist, Jay-Z and iconic artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, and Nipsey Hussle. The young artist clearly has a passion to redefine the image of what a rapper is and expand his presence as an independent artist.

With an undeniable flow and talent for story-telling, Eddy$tacks knows how to stay one step ahead of the game. The rich lyrics and knocking beats will have your head banging in your hoodie no matter the time of day. If I was to define the album in one genre it would most confidently lean towards modern trap-rap. However, there are certainly elements of old-school hip hop and groove in there, mostly due to the undeniable flow from Eddy.

Everything about his delivery will entrance you, reminiscent of the absolute best in the bizz!

Check out The Allowance below:

Standout tracks include the heavy hitting anthem #ADAD (Another Day Another Dollar) and Ruthless, depicting the struggles and frustrations experienced by Eddy$tacks during his rise to prominence in the music industry. The Allowance is also the introduction of Stack Team Entertainment’s newest signee Danny P; who is featured on Main Attraction and Marathon.

Eddy$tacks is undoubtedly rising above the saturated scene of modern hip-hop. With a record label to his name and a killer debut album under his belt we suggest you jump on this elevator early cause it’s heading to the top.

Check out Eddy$tacks latest single Never Trip here.