Iggy Pop becomes 007 in new clip for James Bond

Iconic punk-rocker Iggy Pop has dropped a music video for his track James Bond, set to feature on his forthcoming album, Free. The track itself exhibits an intriguing bass line and gradually builds up with a funky electric guitar riff and a stunning jazz trumpet solo by Leron Thomas.

The music video itself is just as badass as you’d expect an Iggy Pop music video to be. Perhaps surprisingly, Iggy wears a black blazer over his bare torso as opposed to rocking his traditional shirtless look.

Iggy PopIggy Pop has just dropped a character-filled music video for his track James Bond, set to feature in his forthcoming album, Free.

Iggy’s mystique is captured as he stands amidst shadows whilst staring dreamily at the camera. The video was shot in Miami at Sweat Records and directed by Simon Taylor, who previously worked with Pop on the music video of Get Your Shirt.

She wants to be your James Bond” is the prevailing lyric of the song, however ironically Faith Vern starts to look less and less like James Bond as the song progresses.

Pop even stated in a recent interview, “I don’t know what she’s up to exactly, but the tables seem to be turning, and she’s taking over…I’ve never had more fun singing a lyric.”

Free is due for release on September 6th. Pre-order here.

Check out the eye-catching music video for James Bond below: