James Blake drops emotional new clip for Can’t Believe The Way We Flow

James Blake has dropped a stunning music video for Can’t Believe The Way We Flow from his album Assume, released earlier this year. The video is shot in a camcorder-like style, narrating the love stories of a range of different people.

Not unlike Blake’s music, the music video pulls at the viewer’s heartstrings, generating emotions that range from nostalgia to love. If it was possible to capture every emotion that comes with being in love in 4 minutes 42 seconds, this video gets pretty damn close.

James Blake has just dropped a visually stunning and heartwarming music video of his track Can’t Believe The Way We Flow from his 2019 album, Assume.

Frank Lebon directed the video, a well-respected and acclaimed director who has worked with the likes of A$AP Rocky, King Krule and Mount Kimbie. He has even worked with Nike on a number of their ad campaigns.

The music video ends on a hopeful note, with the hands of each of the people in the video meeting each other’s amidst numerous cut sequences. It seems as if Blake is stating that connection and love is the eternal answer and trumps all. This is a refreshing diversion from Blake’s previous releases, which aren’t always filled with happy vibes.

Check out the visually stunning music video below.