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PREMIERE: Elias Bendix crafts a colourful explosion of colour on ‘Unbreakable’

The last time we heard from Elias Bendix, it was with a beautiful stripped-back re-working of his track Fool For You. For the rendition, he teamed with vocal group The Shoplifters, providing truly wonderful vocal harmonies. It was a contrast from his usually lush and production-heavy material, but welcomed nonetheless.

Now, Bendix is back to making dynamic genre-bending gems. With the release of his new video for Unbreakable, he re-establishes his penchant for crafting alt-pop gems that nest their way into your body and force you to groove.

Denmark-based singer-songwriter Elias Bendix has unveiled his new music video for Unbreakable; a brilliant explosion of vibrant sounds, light, and colour.

Throughout the new single, Elias Bendix dances through a groove-laden concoction of jazz, pop, and funk to deliver something uniquely his own. With infectious vocal hooks and colourful instrumental arrangements, Unbreakable is bursting at the seams with pure musical energy. Across its three-minute run-time, the track navigates myriad sonic territories—it never sits in one place for too long. This, however, is its most endearing quality.

Unbreakable has arrived alongside a new video, perfectly capturing its vibrant nature. Colourful silhouettes of Bendix and his band appear before they emerge into life, travelling through shapes of colour and light. The whole thing is quite spectacular, and we guarantee you’ll be left hypnotised by its conclusion.

Check out the new video above.


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January 30, 2020