PREMIERE: Ever seen a silent Saxophone solo? Check out Jeremy Neale and his acoustic version of Hold on Together

You love Jeremy Neale. We love Jeremy Neale. We all fucking love Jeremy Neale. You can chalk it up to his goofy charm, his unabashed love for guitar music, his rock n’ roll swagger or his bromance with SPOD. Not to mention he’s one of the hardest working musos in the land, endlessly producing work for his own solo project, the chaotic Velociraptor or the beach-pop vibes Teen Sensations.

So it’s no wonder that the guys from Sessions were keen to capture this maestro in his element. Armed with a Fender Jaguar, an awesome Palms button and backing vocals from Phoebe Imhoff, Neale nails this stripped back version of his later banger Hold On Together, complete with silent saxophone solo.